100% Recyclable Packaging

Our boxes and bags are recyclable, and our enamel boxes are presented within long-life packaging suitable


Responsible Manufacturing

Each product has been thoughtfully and carefully created by hand, using locally sourced materials and using sensible processes. Our business no longer manufactures enamel within our factory environment, alleviating any unnecessary chemical use and hazardous waste in our facility, it is instead locally sourced from a neighbouring facility in the heart of where the English enamel industry began, in the Midlands.



We are new members of PlanetMark – an organisation dedicated to working with businesses to form their sustainability path and meet their goals. In the coming months, we look forward to communicating the transparency of our progress and delivering on our commitments. We recognise our business activities has an effect on the environment have solidified our pledge to ensure we will work on reducing this impact.


Our Lifetime Repair Service

Halcyon Days offers a lifetime repair service in place for our enamel boxes. As our products are to be cherished, admired and used, there may be an occasion whereby, an enamel box needs to be repaired. Our team are always on hand to repair the product and returned to its loving home.


The Environment

We use the finest materials to create luxury products designed to last and will continue to prioritise locally sourced materials and packaging, which is not only beneficial to our local communities, but also our cherished Earth by avoiding, reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint.

Traditional Brand, Contemporary Thinking


Our business has always supported local charitable organisations and trusts, which resonate with our team and our conscious effort to nurture neighbouring communities, buildings and organisations.


We are proud to support:

Age UK

Since 2019, Halcyon Days has donated 600 bespoke hampers (each year) filled with fine bone china gifts for deserving individuals to make their Christmas and as the architect of the project, we outreach to other businesses to help.

BackUp Trust

A charity which supports people suffering from spinal injury and gets them back into leading fulfilled and happy lives. We have supported BackUp with many gifts for fundraising dinners and have also supported two individuals with spinal injury to take a well-deserved short break in Scotland.

Macmillan Trust

A charity close to the heart of our team, we have donated to Macmillan.

Local hospices in Stoke-on-Trent and East Cheshire, to whom we have supported with donations and with gifts to support local fundraising.

British Forces Foundation

We are proud to support the British Forces Foundation, contributing to raising funds for the charity.

The Royal British Legion

Halcyon Days has supported with donations and gifts to support fundraising.

Chapel Royal

In 2019, we launched our collaboration with the Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace, with a percentage of sales from each product donated to the Chapel. This partnership supports the Chapels musical projects and charitable works.

Notre Dame

Following on from the devastating fire of Notre Dame in April 2019, a percentage of sales from each of our Rose Window of Notre Dame silk scarves goes to Notre Dame, contributing to the repair work required for the monument.

Historic Royal Palaces

Our connection with Historic Royal Palaces was first established in 2014, whereby, we have formed numerous collections inspired by Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace & The Tower of London. We donate a percentage of sales to aid Historic Royal Palaces efforts to preserve the palaces for future generations.

Castle of Mey

Having discovered the charming, weather-beaten castle following the death of King George VI, the Queen Mother fell for its secluded charm and was determined to save and restore it and did just that until her death in 2002. Our involvement with the castle began in 2017, creating a collection inspired by the castle and its grounds, with a percentage of sales of every product, donated to the Castle & Gardens of Mey Trust, which continues the legacy of the Queen Mother and looking after an iconic Scottish monument.

Royal Collection

Halcyon Days works closely with the Royal Collection in many ways, including purchasing image licences which are applied to limited edition product and Halcyon Days contributes a percentage direct to the Royal Collection Trust, caring for the largest and one of the most treasured art collections in the world.


Our supplier code of conduct ensures we only partnet with suppliers who have achieved verified and certified high environmental and social standards. As we progress with our sustainable path, this will continue to evolve as policies enhance.

Halcyon Days are committed to ensuring the safe and fair treatment of all employees who are involved with the manufacture of our products, whether in our direct suppliers or in their external supply chain. We are committed to minimising any impact on the environment, which may occur during the manufacturing process.

It is our policy to source products from factories that share our commitment to improving worker welfare and reducing environmental impact.



Environmental Management System


Step 1: Define Goals

We wish to improve our environmental performance by:

  • Measuring, reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint
  • Enforcing change where its required
  • Fulfilling the goals and sticking to the business values and forming reassurance and transparency with our key stakeholders.


Step 2: Management Commitment

Our CEO and Senior Management Team are dedicated to implementing necessary changes, updating policies and engaging with PlanetMark e.g. to hold ourselves accountable for our actions.


Our EMS Champion/Team

We have outlined our core Sustainability Impact Team, chaired by the CEO, and comprises Head of Marketing, Commercial & Supply Chain and the SVP Retail and Business Development. A monthly meeting is arranged, responsible for evolving plans to update and change the way we operate in terms of use of plastic / more sustainable sourcing of packaging / more and more local sourcing for components across all our products and reducing carbon footprint.


Step 3: Implementation

Sustainability Impact Team follows through with the actions required, using necessary resources. Documentations post operating procedures and forming internal and external communication lines.


Step 4: Evaluation

The Sustainability Impact Team monitors operations to evaluate whether our business objectives and targets are being met and if this is not the case, the business takes corrective action.


Step 5: Conduct Review

Sustainability Impact Team reviews the evaluation to see if the EMS in place is working and the Management determines whether the environmental policy in place is not only adhering to the business’ core values and its effectiveness. Reviewing forms the continuous route of improvement.


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