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Halcyon Days was established in 1950 as an emporium of antique gifts in Mayfair, London. Although the art of enamelling on copper had flourished throughout the second half of the 18th century, it had almost completely ceased by the 1830s, and by 1950 the process was solely reserved for utility items such as saucepans.

Halcyon Days set about reviving this artisan craft and, by 1970, had opened its own production facility. As the company grew, so too did its product offering. Today, we offer extensive ranges of English fine bone china and premium accessories alongside our signature enamel boxes. While our products are sold all around the world, they continue to be crafted by hand in our two workshops in the West Midlands; the beating heart of the British pottery and enamelling industries.


Our name, like our brand, is steeped in history. The phrase has journeyed into modern English vernacular via some of the world’s greatest storytellers from the ancient Greeks to Shakespeare. Today, the term ‘Halcyon Days’ denotes a golden period of bliss and success often in the past. For us, though, the Halcyon Days aren’t to be nostalgically yearned for. With our commitment to bringing the best practices of the past into the present, Halcyon Days are here to stay. Read our in depth look at the origins of the phrase here.


In a digital age where mass production is the norm, Halcyon Days have become the guardians of the ancient artisanal craft of enamelling. We are a business of tradition. All of our enamels are made by hand in our factory in Wolverhampton; the heart of where the industry originated in the 18th Century.

Find out more about the art of enamelling and our revival of it here.


In the West Midlands, our teams of highly skilled craftspeople and master artists employ techniques that have been handed down for generations. In fact, were an 18th century enameller or potter to look over the shoulder of one of our artisans today, they would find very little unfamiliar to them.

The belief in promoting, cherishing, and developing English craftsmanship underpins all that we do. We are committed to creating local employment, nurturing sustainable craft techniques, and supporting the UK manufacturing industry. Our constantly evolving offering of enamels, fine bone china, and fashion accessories have established us as the destination for English luxury gifting.


Royal Warrants are symbols of official endorsement granted to companies who supply goods or services to senior members of the Royal Household. Currently there are around 800 Royal Warrant holders in existence, made up of a huge variety of trades and industries, from individual craftspeople to global multinationals. All Royal Warrant holders are united by a commitment to the very highest standards of service, quality and excellence.

Halcyon Days is one of only fourteen companies in the world to hold all three Royal Warrants currently in use and is the only supplier of Objets d’Art to the British Royal Household.

Read more about the history of Royal Warrants here.

"At Halcyon Days, we are proud to maintain, cherish, and develop English craftsmanship. When you buy our enamels, jewellery, and fine bone china you are contributing to the continuation of remarkable craft techniques passed down through generations of artisans."

Pamela Harper, Chairman & CEO, Halcyon Days

Chronicles From The Kiln

A Tale Of Two Factories

From two locations in the West Midlands, our artisans forge not only our products but our identity as a brand.

The Art Of Enamelling

While enamel boxes reflect ancient techniques, their diversity and beauty makes them ever-fashionable, timeless pieces for today, tomorrow and beyond.

How Our Enamels Are Made

Enamelling is an age-old art form present in the UK since the 1740s. Originally, enamel boxes were produced in factories in the West Midlands, and..


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