Whether it's a landmark anniversary, significant birthday or any other momentous occasion, Halcyon Days is here to help you create the perfect tailor-made gift for someone special.

Our Bespoke Gifting service is dedicated to creating customised enamel boxes, English fine bone china, cufflinks, trinket trays, bangles and beyond. All are designed exclusively to encapsulate and communicate our customers' feelings, ensuring an unmatchable gifting experience that leaves a lasting impression.

email: gunn.henrietta@halcyondays.co.uk



Our signature enamel boxes are made to the highest standards using a process which has been passed down through generations. Adding a bespoke design to these exquisite boxes creates a gift that tells the story you want it to, as well as representing English craft excellence.



Basing their work on your favourite photographs, our two acclaimed illustrators can lovingly capture your pets or houses before we'll have their pictures bestowed onto one of our handcrafted enamel boxes. You will receive the artist's original painting mounted alongside your bespoke piece.

KITTY FORBES - 'Paint your Pet'

Kitty Forbes is a London-based illustrator who specialises in hand-drawn illustrations of dogs. Treasured memories of growing up with dogs allow Kitty to capture the unique and distinctive characteristics of each beloved pet she depicts.

Using watercolour and pencils, Kitty explores forming texture and lines, building depth and character to man’s best friend with a meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for colour.


 RICHARD WILKIN - 'Paint your House'

An architectural portrait artist and specialist in property portraits, Richard Wilkin expertly forms his artwork using watercolour and pencil.

A former Director General of the Historic Houses Association and Chairman of the National Trust Wessex Region, Richard holds a lifelong enthusiasm for buildings and their surroundings and captures architectural details with a rarely rivalled beauty.


Halcyon Days also offers clients a bespoke English fine bone china service.  Handcrafted at our factory in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of the English pottery industry, previous fine bone china work for bespoke clients includes monogrammed dinnerware sets, hand-painted porcelain bowls, dinnerware with hand gilded family crests, teaware featuring a clan's tartan and much, much more. The options are limited only to your imagination! Read more about the art of English fine bone china below.




For Bespoke enquiries please contact:

Henrietta Gunn

01782 652 810


Halcyon Days also offers a personalisation service on many of our existing products and ranges. To discover more about personalised gifting, please follow the link below to our personalisation page.


To discover more about our corporate gifting service and how we create unique, luxury gifts for your brand or company please see here.