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Wedding Season: Styling, Gifting & Table Setting

Wedding season, in all its bouquet throwing, church bell ringing, dance floor filled glory is well and truly upon us. When it comes to gifting, outfit accessorising, and even setting the table, our wedding edit will have you covered and conundrum free. Whether you need a bangle for a bridesmaid, coordinated cufflinks for your ushers, fine bone china for the happy couple’s new home, a personalised enamel for the best man, or an accessory to elevate your outfit to the next level, our curation is for you

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Fine Bone China Gifting

English fine bone china makes a timeless gift for newlyweds. Choose a trinket tray where they can keep the keys to their new home, or assemble a full dinner set that can be handed down to future generations. If you find yourself in charge of the decor for the big day, why not lay a stunning table with our handcrafted range of plates, or, express your gratitude to those providing you with a bed for the night with a scented candle.

Image of Halcyon Days enamel pillbox with a message instructing 'Save Water, Drink Champagne'

Personalised Enamels

Our much-loved message box collection lets you express your affections in a playful, memorable way. Our ‘Save Water, Drink Champagne’ enamel box should set the tone rather well for the wedding, though its sentiment may be less appreciated by the ones paying for proceedings. Meanwhile, our blank canvas boxes can be inscribed with initials and inner message making them a precious, personalised gift for partners, ushers, bridesmaids, and beyond. If you find yourself as best man, an enamel box might make a handy home, as well as a beautiful gift, in which to keep the wedding rings ensuring they won’t be lost or forgotten à la Hugh Grant in ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’.

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Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for others, explore our outfit-enhancing range of bangles. Summer weddings demand colour, and, coming in a rainbow of options, our bangles provide an abundance of it.

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Bespoke Gifting

For a gift that goes one step beyond the personalised enamel, allow us to assist you in creating a bespoke box. Customise every element from base colour through to inner lining and inscription. We’ll bestow any photograph, design, or image of your choosing on the box’s lid (hint: wedding invitations look great). Enquire about our Bespoke service by emailing gunn.henrietta@halcyondays.co.uk

So, follow our wedding gifting guide and sip your next glass of fizz or dig into your next slice of cake content in the knowledge that the English-made, luxury pieces you’ve selected for yourself or for someone special are crafted, just like the happiest marriages, to last for a lifetime

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