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Summer Styling Guide: Torque Bangles

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Summer is here in the UK, and with it comes long, golden afternoons, and a sense of possibility that gives our collective moods an inebriating lift as we dine alfresco in London or retreat to sandy corners of Cornwall, Norfolk, and far further afield. What we wear translates and projects how we feel and who we are. So, if you’re feeling full of the joys of summer, then follow our styling tips to ensure you’re leaving sunshine in every step.

Today, we’re focusing on how best to wear our popular torque bangles. The Salamander and Hammered torques featured are new for 2022 and are made from malleable brass plated with 24ct gold. They can be gently squeezed for the perfect fit and are available in a rainbow-like range of colours to suit every palette. View the full collection here.

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Our bangles are made to be worn. This may sound trite, but too often people hold back from wearing special jewellery, waiting instead for an idealised moment to arise. There is a saying from one of our archive message boxes, 'never economise on luxuries', and we think this applies to every day life as well. Whether you’re impressing in the boardroom, luxuriating on the beach, mixing margaritas, or taking a moment to savour your morning coffee (from English fine bone china, of course), elevate the experience and enhance the everyday with our Salamander and Hammered torque bangles.

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Take note of the changing palette of the season. Find inspiration in nature: blooming flowers, freshly cut grass, crystal clear ocean, and the blazing sky at sunset. We recommend wearing aquamarine, emerald, and amethyst to let the natural scenery around you accentuate and complement your look.

Image of Halcyon Days bangles lying on marble worktop

Don’t be afraid to be bold. With a wide range of colours available, mix and match shades and shapes you might not usually go for. Our Hammered and Salamander torques look fantastic stacked together on the wrist and, with an eye on our surroundings once again, we love matching the floral tones of meadow, forget-me-not, and rose.

Image of female wrist wearing Halcyon Days bangles

Equally, don’t ignore darker shades. Depending on your style and dress sense, darker colours can look great in the summer months too. We love this combination of deep cobalt and meadow with the clash of light and dark creating a mesmeric, ocean-like look.

Look out for more styling tips to come throughout the summer. If you’ve been inspired by any of the looks suggested above, or you have any styling suggestions of your own then let us know over on our Instagram @halcyondays_uk or below in the comments.

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