A Diary From The Royal Windsor Horse Show

A Diary From The Royal Windsor Horse Show

Last week, between 12th and 15th May, we were privileged to take part in the Royal Windsor Horse Show running a pop-up stand alongside an esteemed cast of fellow Royal Warrant holding brands.

With the sun beating down on a sea of panama hats and the sounds of thundering hooves, clinking glasses, and excitable reports of The Queen’s arrival echoing throughout Windsor Great Park, our team presented a selection of handcrafted items including mugs, plates, bangles, silk scarves, and a large offering from this year’s Platinum Jubilee collection.  We were inspired too by a stand opposite us, run by our friends at QEST, where highly skilled artisans demonstrated traditional craft techniques from whip-making to creating stained glass windows.

On Friday, our Chairman and CEO Pamela Harper delivered a speech to the Royal Warrant Holders Association, of which she is President, where she celebrated the work of all companies present and considered the enduring importance of Royal Warrants. She also looked back on the history of the Horse Show which, first staged in 1943 to help the War Effort, was initially called the Royal Windsor Horse and Dog Show. However, after a lurcher successfully stole a piece of chicken from King George V’s lunch plate that same year, dogs have found themselves banned by the committee ever since. Today, the show is the only one of its kind in the UK, hosting international competitions in Show Jumping, Dressage, Driving, and Endurance.

We had a wonderful time interacting with an array of people both familiar with and new to the brand, and we thoroughly enjoyed discussing the many merits of British craftsmanship and its essential role in our country’s past, present, and future.

To all those of you who came to see us, thank you, and here’s to next year!

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