Love you Red Mug

Proudly Handmade in England


Present the "Love You" Red Mug as an exquisite gift for those dear to your heart, offering a vessel to relish the finest tea moments.

From our cherished Love Hearts collection, designed with artist Tug Rice, this mug exudes a romantic playfulness that enchants teatime against a red backdrop.

Ingeniously maintaining your drink's taste, this mug crafted from English fine bone china exhibits a captivating translucency and elegant aesthetic.

With a generous capacity of 10 fluid ounces, the "Love You" Red Mug stands ready to enrich your tea rituals, becoming an elegant conduit for cherished moments and heartfelt connections.


Height 84 mm
Diameter 76 mm
Width (inc. handle) 110 mm

Love you Red Mug



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