Hal Goes Racing White Mug

Proudly Handmade in England


The "Hal Goes Racing" white Mug is a splendid gift for those close to your heart, providing a vessel to savour the finest tea moments.

A handcrafted masterpiece, this fine bone china white mug, gilded with white gold, showcases the distinguished figure of Hal the Bear in race-ready attire, exuding an air of sophistication.

This piece stands proudly in our collaborative collection with New York-based artist Tug Rice, a seamless fusion of artistic brilliance.

Crafted from English Fine Bone China, the ingenious thin rim maintains your drink's taste by ensuring optimal liquid-to-taste bud interaction. 

Its elegant translucency is a testament to refined material.

Exquisite hand-gilded 24ct gold accents embellish this mug, underscoring its prestige. Crafted in England, it encapsulates tradition and finesse.

With its 10 fl oz capacity, this small mug extends an invitation to indulge in the full flavor of your tea, transforming each sip into a harmonious symphony of taste and elegance. 

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Height 84 mm
Diameter 76 mm
Width (inc. handle) 110 mm

Hal Goes Racing White Mug



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