'The Garden at the Mamounia Hotel' By Churchill Prestige Box



Though Churchill only became a frequent guest of la Mamounia Hotel after the Second World War, his love of Marrakesh stretches back to the mid 1930s, when he first discovered the beauty of the ancient Moroccan city; a beauty which, even in the darkest hours of the war, never failed to inspire his painting and calm his spirit. Describing it as "the most lovely spot in the world" Churchill was deeply moved by the sights of Marrakesh at la Mamounia and felt able to escape the world's pressures there. The paintings which he created whilst there, such as his impression of the gardens at la Mamounia which can be seen on the box's lid, are outstanding for their bright use of colour, vibrancy and joie de vivre.

In keeping with the bright colours of the painting, the box has been lined with yellow leather, decorated with an orange base and mounted on silver, forming part of a lucid design which truly captures the essence of the painting's spirit. As ever, these boxes are handcrafted in England by our in-house artists, making this is an appropriate and cheerful way of celebrating Winston Churchill, the artist.

Limited Edition: 50

Size: 142mm x 111mm

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