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Add a personal touch to your luxury Halcyon Days gift with our in house personalisation service. A personalised gift turns a memorable present into a unique, extra special keepsake that will be treasured by the recipient for years to come. Halcyon Days offers a number of services to personalise your gift, whether that is a hand inscription on the inside of an enamel box, a monogrammed pair of cufflinks or an engraved bangle. We are here to fulfil all your luxury gifting needs. If you have any enquiries about personalisation or if you would like to personalise a gift not mentioned below, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services department. As the only artists, craftsmen and manufacturers of all our products, the limits to your personalisation desires are boundless. We will always strive to accommodate your every need where possible.  

The Monogram Box

Our Monogram Box can be customised to your exact wishes. Available in a number of shapes, depths and colour ways, this beautiful box can be personalised with up to four initials or numbers.  Crafted to be used and loved every day of the year, this uniquely, exquisite gift can be anything from a cufflink box, to a pillbox, to a home for those easily lost earrings, to a simple keepsake. A very special and personal present, this is truly no ordinary box.

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Halcyon Days - The Monogram Box

The Monogram box is no ordinary box. Use in case of emergency, for your treasures and take with you on your travels.


The Halcyon Days Monogram Box

Halcyon Days - Personalisation

Personalisation of Enamel Boxes

A selection of core enamel boxes can be personalised by adding either an inscription painted by hand by a Halcyon Days artisan or by having a message fired into the enamel in either Chancery or Times New Roman font. That extra special touch creates a truly beautiful present that is entirely unique to the recipient. Over the years our customers have chosen to personalise their Halcyon Days enamel boxes with initials, a meaningful date, the co-ordinates of a special place, a heartfelt message or a special number.

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Bespoke Personalisation

If you would like to add a personalised inscription to an enamel box outside of the core personalised selection, this can be done for an additional cost. As the requested box will be made to order, this is considered a bespoke service so delivery times will vary. Please contact our Customer Services team for more information.