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Halcyon Days is renowned for being one of the finest producers of enamelware in the world and we pride ourselves on being guardians of this truly British craft. In 2013, we developed our mastery of this traditional skill further with the launch of our enamel bangles & cufflinks collections.

The Halcyon Days world of accessories now incorporates the Halcyon Time Collection with sophisticated watches and, 100% silk scarf collection depicting some of our most eye catching designs. Fashion accessories crafted with elegance and ease in mind, Halcyon Days is now widely recognised as a key destination for luxury accessories, as well as for its handcrafted enamel and English fine bone china gifts.


Forming a spectrum of colour and opulence, the Halcyon Days bangle collection comprises of hinged enamel bangles and hand decorated enamel bangles. Each bangle is fashioned from either brass or copper, which is then coated with enamel and plated with 18ct gold or palladium. Designed in our studios in London, inspiration for each bangle collection ranges from exotic wildlife to bold geometric patterns, both creating fresh and modern accessories. Choose from a wide variety of sophisticated styles, our bangles are best worn stacked for statement accessorising.

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Halcyon Days - Hinged Enamel Bangles

The architecture in London is a huge inspiration for me, I can see design in everything especially when i'm walking around the city. I enjoy translating what i've seen into elegant and wearable accessories.


Kathrine Pelosi, Accessories Designer, Halcyon Days

Halcyon Days - Luxury Enamel Jewellery


Our pendants and earrings, much like our bangles, undergo an extensive and delicate process of production resulting in truly breathtaking pieces. Crafted from brass, coated in enamel and plated in 18ct gold or palladium, each piece is often embedded with dainty cut glass crystals for a sprakle finish. Forming an integral part of our jewellery ranges, our pendants and earrings can be matched perfectly with our enamel bangles for complete, day to night accessorising.

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In 2016, Halcyon Days launched the Halcyon Time Collection, a range of leather strap and bangle strap fashion watches inspired by our signature patterns. Each watch face has been delicately crafted from either enamel or mother of pearl and finished with crystal or metallic detailing. Designed to compliment our enamel and hand decorated bangles, these luxury timepieces transform looks with simple yet elegant style.

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The Halcyon Days cufflinks collection features a range of hand painted cufflinks, all of which incorporate enamel detailing and 18ct gold or palladium plating. The designs of our enamel cufflinks range from hand painted motifs of gear sticks, anchors and tigers to more formal trellis patterns. All these styles are perfect for a discerning and stylish individual.

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Halcyon Days - Silk Scarves


Designed in England but made in Italy, 'behind the scenes' of our 100% silk shawls is a rich tapestry of a story. Produced in the last remaining family owned silk mill in Como, Italy, our scarves are made from the highest quality silk with printing techniques. Each design, whether it's from our ‘Works of Art’ collection or our Magnificent Wildlife range, is able to transform a lacklustre outfit into a luxury masterpiece.

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